Licking County School Shooting, Police on scene after shooting reported in Licking Valley Middle School


Licking Valley High School Lockdown Today: Newark Division of Police has confirmed that the school and its surroundings are presently secured as no shot fired and any injuries was reported. Police also confirmed that presently a person of interest is under police custody and parents are implored not to respond or try to get into the school premises as not to contradict or disturb police investigations.

ALERT; there is a situation currently at Licking Valley High School. The school has been secure by Law Enforcement & no shots were fired or injuries reported. PARENTS, DO NOT respond to school. Go to REUNIFICATION point. One person has been detained. ~ Newark Division of Police

Shooting at Licking Valley High School Today: NEWARK, OH. ~ The Newark Division of Police officers and Emergency Services agencies are responding to an alleged active shooter incident shooting which may have left multiple victims shot in Newark, Ohio, on Friday morning, September 23, 2022.

According to information the active shooting incident was reported to have happened at an area around The Licking Valley High which was located in 100 Hainsview Dr, Newark, OH. Authorities also confirmed that the school and its entire surroundings was immediately placed on total lockdown for security and safety reasons.

The area is under lockdown as heavy police operation is currently ongoing in the areas while everyone are urged to find a secured shelter or better still totally avoid the area as investigation and large manhunt is ongoing at this time. At the time of the publication the exact number of victims is not known and investigation is ongoing.

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Authorities are attempting to discover what caused the incident and to get the situation under control. A thorough investigation is currently underway. The suspect and potential victim names are yet to be revealed. However, this is a developing story which will be updated as soon as information reaches us from agents at the scene. STAY TUNED and STAY SAFE out there…..

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