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John Hartman Obituary, Doobie Brothers Mourn Death of Drummer and Co-founder, John Hartman

John Hartman Death 1950-2022 – Obituary in Moderation: John Hartman legendary American drummer who was also one of the co-founder and original drummer of the Doobie Brothers, has sadly and unexpectedly passed away on Thursday, September 22, 2022, leaving family, closer relatives and other loved ones in total devastations and sadness. Family and friends were devastated when John passed away.

John was born on March 18, 1950 which makes him just 72-years-old at the time of his unexpected but peaceful passing, while surrounded by his beloved family and other closer relatives. As a member of The Doobie Brothers, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2020. Fatalitiesaroundme learnt about this sad occurrence through a publication made by The Doobie Brothers on their officially verified social media handles on Thursday evening, September 22, 2022, the statements read below;

Today we are thinking of John Hartman, or Little John to us. John was a wild spirit, great drummer, and showman during his time in the Doobies. He was also a close friend for many years and and an intricate part of the band personality! We send our condolences to all his loved ones at this difficult time. Rest In Peace John.

John was the only drummer when the group first started out. But in late 1971, the band hired second drummer Michael Hossack, and the two-drummer lineup persisted until Ed Toth replaced Hossack as the band’s lone drummer in 2016. Hossack was replaced by Keith Knudsen in 1973.

Tom Johnston and Michael McDonald joined John on all of the Doobie Brothers’ big singles from the 1970s. After a promotional tour in favor of the acclaimed Minute by Minute record, he left early in 1979 to take care of Arabian horses on his California property.

For a brief 1987 charity tour, John was persuaded to perform with twelve former Doobies members, including drummers Hossack, Knudsen, and Chet McCracken, who had replaced John in 1979. When the band reformed the next year, Hartman eventually joined again.

He participated in both the promotional tours and the reunion albums Cycles (1989) and Brotherhood (1991). However, John left the group permanently after a 1992 alumni gathering in support of percussionist Bobby LaKind, who was near death. He was replaced by his former bandmate Keith Knudsen in classic Doobies style.

How did John Died ?

Many worried people, especially those close to the family, are curious as to how John‘s life came to an end. As of right now, we are unable to confirm or disclose John‘s cause of death because the family has not yet issued a statement outlining the details of his demise. However, it seems that there isn’t much that can be learned right now until the family issues a firm statement on the matter. As per usual, as soon as it is verified, we will follow up and update this story.


As people celebrate John‘s life, tributes are coming in from all sides. As friends and family members remember John‘s life, social media is ablaze with tributes to him. The dead is remembered as a kind, compassionate, and selfless person. John was a man of many virtues, a man with a heart of gold. It is truly crude that John‘s death took him away.

John‘s passing will undoubtedly leave a tremendous void. It will take longer for a chasm to bridge between family and friends. Without a doubt, people’s memories of John‘s death will endure forever. Facebook user; Alan Hoffman, also shared the sad news in anther online statement today. The statement reads below;

John Hartman, the Original Drummer of the Doobies Brothers, has Passed Away. RIP. With Keith Knudsen(2005)and Michael Hossack(2013), the Doobies have lost their original 3 Drummers

Funerals and Burial Arrangements

As a result of the many well-wishers who have sent their heartfelt condolences, John‘s family is receiving a lot of emotional support. They are praying for the deceased’s soul to find peace while also offering their condolences to the grieving family.

The family will make its announcement on John‘s burial arrangements. Details about the obituary, funeral, and life celebration will be made public by the family and loved ones at the appropriate time. We’ll do our best to keep you informed about these.

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